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A very Merry Christmas to our customers all over the planet. I will be back at my desk on January 3rd.



So we are all caught up with orders placed whilst I was away. It being Crimbo, there might be some delay in getting your item due to the increased traffick going through Royal Snail.



Further to our being closed from the 11th to the 18th, orders made by 14:00 on the 8th will be posted out that day. Looking ahead to Crimbo, last orders will be going out on the 22nd December.



Couple of things.........

We will be closed from the 11th of December till the 18th of December. Orders can still be placed, but will not be packed/dispatched until the 18th of December.


Mk1 & Mk2 Bonnet Release Cables back in stock. Goodies Sections.



Mk1 & Mk2 Escort Rally Competition Quick Release Bonnet Pin Kits added to the site today....

Mk1 Escort Rally Competition Quick Release Bonnet Pin Kit



Couple of new items for the Mk2. Leonard got in touch looking for the Fuel Line To Cross Member Clips...

Mk2 Escort Fuel Line To Cross Member Clips

And we have had these for a while, but not listed on the website, Speedo Cable Clips....

Mk2 Escort Speedo Cable Clip



New P&P pricing is now live.



Just to give you fair warning, we will be increasing our P&P charges later this week. We have not changed them since 2020

But Royal mail has increased their charges on four occasions since then, usually by about 15%

So that's a 60% increase I've swallowed.

Here are the new prices that will come into effect, possibly Friday:

MK1 & Mk2 Escort P&P Charges 2023



1300E Side Chrome Trim Clip Sets back in stock.........

Mk1 Escort 1300E Side Chrome Trim Clip Set



Harvinder got in touch (thank you for the order Harvi) and asked if I had the Lower Quarter Window Channel Screws? I didn't at that point, so I went to the car & voila, they are now a thing we do...

Mk1 Escort Lower Quarter Window Channel Fixings



Big Billy thanks to Francios for sending me a MK2 Left Hand Drive Heater Slide Decal, which are now in stock. 50 Quids worth of goodies on their way fella.....

Mk2 Escort Heater Slide Decal LHD



Back off me hollibobs and todays post will see us all caught up. Thank you for no "where's my stuff" emails. The first time in 17 years!



Just to give you all fair warning, we will be closed from the 11th of May and re-open on the 22nd of May.

So last orders will go out on the 10th of May.

Orders will still be accepted, but they will not be processed until Monday 22nd of May.



Hinge Pins back in stock...

Mk1 & Mk2 Escort Door Hinge Pins



So I'm interested in having the Mk2 Escort Heater Slide Decal remade for Left Hand Drive Cars.

If you have an old shitty left hand drive one I could use as a pattern for the cutting die, I will give you a £50.00 credit to spend on the website!

Get in touch if you are interested billy@escortrs.co.uk



Mk1 Bonnet Pull Cables back in stock, sorry to say, they have gone up in price a little bit....

Mk1 Escort Bonnet Pull Release Cable



Added the Mk2 Escort Parts Manual on USB Stick today....

Mk2 Escort Parts Manual on USB Stick



Couple of things......I have started sending tinternational orders again, but please be patient, there are still delays at Royal Snail

We have added a Mk2 Escort Side Trim / Chrome Clip & Fastener Set for the two door variant.....

Mk2 Escort Side Trim / Chrome Clips & Fasteners Set £19.99




A message for our international customers.....

Due to Royal Mail suspending overseas deliveries due to a Cyber Attack, we have stopped shipping orders overseas.

We will still take the orders and pack them ready for the resumption of services by Royal Mail.

We can ship via UPS if it is urgent and you are willing to pay the difference in P&P. If that is the case for you, place your order as normal then email me asking for a UPS shipping quote.




Happy new year peeps, so we will be all caught up with the holiday orders today.

What new bits shall we make this year then? Let me know what you need billy@escortrs.co.uk




It's that time of year again that I wish all our customers all over the world a very merry Crimbo. Your continued custom over the years is extremely appreciated.


Last orders will be posted out on Friday the 23rd of December and we will re-open on the Tuesday 3rd of January. The 2nd of Jan being my birthday!




Blimmin customers, what do they think we are? A mail order company open to requests for parts? :-)

Mk1 Escort Grille Screws Stainless Steel



Another pesky customer got in touch, asking for the Starter Solenoid Fixing Screws... Lo & behold Tim Smith!!!!!

Mk1 & Mk2 Escort Starter Solenoid Fixing Screws & Ext Tooth Washers Stainless Steel x 2



Peter Rodwell got in touch asking for the Rear Shock Absorber Upper Mounting Bracket Fixing Nuts and here they are:

Mk1 Escort Rear Shock Absorber Upper Mounting Bracket Nuts x 2 Stainless Steel



Differential Locking Nuts back in stock....

Mk1 Escort Differential Locking Nuts



Fuel filler necks now back in stock, unfortunately they have gone up a little bit :-(

Mk1 & Mk2 Escort Fuel Filler Neck



We share in our country's deep sorrow on the passing of our much loved Monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Who dedicated her life to the service of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth

I would like to send my deepest condolences to every member of the Royal family and the grieving Nation.

We will not be opening on Monday 19th September to pay our due respects.


Rest in peace our Queen




A few new items added to our inventory today......

Mk2 Escort Discounted Bonnet Rubber & Bolt Set

AVO Parts Manual now available on USB Stick

Man Cave Prints

Mk2 Escort Bonnet Rubber & Bolt Set

AVO Parts Manual on USB Stick

Framed Prints AVO Mancave




Thank you Trevor for the suggestions, the first of your two are the Bonnet Rubber & Bolt Set.......

The Late Type:

Mk1 Escort Bonnet Rubber & Bolt Set (Late)

The Early Type:

Mk1 Escort Bonnet Rubber & Bolt Set (Early)

And the second suggestion from Trevor was the Bumper Bolt, Spacer & Washer Set:

Mk1 Escort Bumper Bolt, Spacer & Washer Set


Over the years we have been asked for nut, bolt & screw sets. We were unsure what to include in these sets so have swerved the requests!

What would you like to see in these sets? email me billy@escortrs.co.uk with your suggestions.



So our Mk2 Heater Slide Decals have the green tint, just like the original.....

Mk2 Escort Heater Slide Decal Comparison



Happy new year everyone! Back to work today gettimg all the Crimbo / New Year orders out.



I'd like to wish all our customers all around the world a very merry Christmas.

It has been another strange year! Hopefully you all have had a healthy time.

We are closing up on the 24th. We will re-open in the New Year, 3rd of January

Here's to you, my lovely customers! Thank you



So the working nights thing didn't last very long (about a week and a half!) I'm 53 not 23 (grrrrrr).

I've added the Mk1 Rear Shock Bottom Nuts to our inventory today....

Mk1 Escort Rear Shock Bottom Fixing Nuts & Washers x 2



So I am experimenting with processing, packing and posting orders out during the night. This is

because our electricity day rate has nearly doubled in the last month. The night rate has also

increased but it is slightly less than our old day rate. As such orders made during the day will be

posted the following day (well night, after midnight that is). You can still phone during the day.



We are all now bang upto date with deliveries after our week off last week. Thank you my lovely customers for your patience and understanding.



Just to give you fair warning.....We will be closed for 10 days from Friday 15th October and will be back to work on Monday 25th.



Mk1 Rear Light Cluster Seal Sets back in stock....

Mk1 Escort Rear Cluster Seal Set £35.99



Mk1 Escort Bonnet Pull Cables back in stock.....

Mk1 Escort Bonnet Release Cable £14.99




Tax Disc Holders back in stock......

FROD Tax Disc Holder




Couple of new items following requests from customers....Carburettor Fixing Nuts & Striker Plate Rubber Screws...

Mk1 Escort Carb Nuts Drawing

Mk1 Escort Striker Plate Rubber Screws



Chris Spooner has sent in a piccie of his finished bubble arched babe.....

Mk1 Escort Bubble Arch



We have added both the Early & Late AVO plates to our Badges & Decals Section....

Mk1 Escort Early Type AVO Plate

Mk1 Escort Late Type AVO Plate




So we offer free uk delivery on orders over 50 quid

That's real free P&P, it's not hidden in the costs of the item unlike a well known tinternet auction site we once patronised

We also discount the same amount for our tinternational customer



Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom Moore...

RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore



After a customer request, we now stock the Brake Pressure Differential Valve Bolt.

The what now?

See below:

Brake Pressure Differential Valve Bolt Draw Close Up



HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and we are bang up to date with all Crimbo orders now sent out. Be interesting to see if Royal Mail has caught up with itself!



I'd like to wish all our customers all around the world a very merry Christmas.

It has been a very strange year! But Escort restorations are still popping up all over the world.

We are closing up on the 23rd. We will re-open in the New Year, 4th of January

Here's to you, my lovely customers! Thank you



3 items added to our inventory today.....

Mk1 & Mk2 Escort Petrol Tank Pad

Mk1 & Mk2 Escort Pertol Tank Pad

Mk1 Escort Bumper Bolt Fibre Washers

Mk1 Escort Bumper Bolt Fibre Washers

Mk2 Escort Steering Wheel Nylock Nut (Stainless)

Mk2 Escort Steering Wheel Nylock Nut



All Badge Inserts back in stock...

Mk1 Escort 1600GT Foile Insert £5.99

Mk1 Escort Mexico Foil Insert £7.99

Mk1 Escort RS2000 Foil Badge Insert £5.99

Mk1 Escort RS1600 Foil Badge Insert £5.99

Mk1 Escort Twin Cam Badge Insert £5.99

Mk1 Escort Round RS Boot Badge Insert £6.99



We now have the Dash Top Twist Fit Sleeves in stock.....

Mk1 Escort Dash Top Twist Fitting Rubber Sleeves Fitted

Mk1 Escort Dash Top Twist Fitting Rubber Sleeves Close Up


Lockdown announcement


We would like to let you know that we will continue to accept and post out orders during the latest

lockdown. And to reassure you, I will stop working immediately if I get any symptoms so you can rest

easy about that.



Mexico Badge Inserts back in stock....

Mexico Foil Insert



OK, I've had a good old re-jig of the price points & charges. Orders over £50.00 will still get free UK P&P and I've discounted the top end European & World Wide cost to make that more equal for our overseas customers. I've put the purple arrows in so you can see that I've discounted the top 4 price points so you in effect get the same treatment as UK customers.



Hello there, we have had to increase our International Delivery Charges after Royal Mail raised them on the 1st of September this year.

It's the first time we are raising the postal prices since we started in 2006. But this price rise from

Royal Mail is significant and we can't take the hit. I might need to tinker with it a bit to get a bigger

spread of Price Points.



RS2000 Inserts Back In Stock...

Mk1 Escort RS2000 Badge Insert



Mk1 Escort Parcel Shelf Support Bracket Plugs & Buttons Set added to our inventory today...



Fuel Filler Necks Back in stock....



New & improved Boot Seals back in stock....

Mk1 & Mk2 Escort Boot Seal



The Mk1 Escort Grille Clip Set & Lower Grille Clips are now back in stock!

Mk1 Escort Grille Clip Set

Lower Grille Clip Set



Boot Floor & Floorpan Grommet sets are back in stock after a Covid delay to manufacturing. Also, Full Grille Clip Sets will be back in stock in the next week or so for the same reason.




We have today added the Mk1 1100 Under Bonnet Decal Set...

Mk1 Escort 1100 Under Bonnet Decal Set £18.50



Just a quickie to say we are still here at work posting out your orders. If I come down with the toilet paper stealing syndrome I will let you know here.



We had a customer get in touch and ask for the Mk2 Escort Front Indicator Lens Gaskets, which we have just had made....

Mk2 Escort Front Indicator Lens Gaskets Fitted



We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies for all our friends and customers in Australia. Tragic circumstances for the people and wild life x



We have added 2 new parts to our inventory Mk1 Escort Anti Roll Bar Castle Nut Cotter Pins & Mk1 Escort Anti Roll Bar / Lower Suspension Arm Castle Nut Cotter Pins.


Happy New year to you all! We are invoicing the Holiday orders today and will post them out tomorrow. Got a good birthday card today...



I'd just like to wish all our lovely customers all around the world a very merry Christmas. We are closing up on the 23rd. We will re-open in the New Year, 2nd of January, my birthday (again) no less!

It's been another good year, our 13th would you believe? Here's to you, my lovely customers! Thank you



Today we have made a seal set collection after a customer asked us to! It represents a saving of over 15% if the items were to be bought individually.

Check it out here:




We have added Mk1 Escort Bonnet Release Cable LHD to our inventory


We have recently added to our inventory Mk2 Escort Bonnet Release Cable & Hinge Pin Caps


We have recently added to our inventory Pinto Rocker Cover Bolts & Washers, Washer Bottle Foot Pump, Washer Bottle Foot Pump Connector Piece, Washer Bottle Pump Securing Nuts, Washer Bottle Pump Switch Screws...






So Juliet Gold had added another stunner to her Aussie collection, behold...



We recently added Mk1 Escort Instrument Cluster Cowling Screws to our stock...



We have added separate seals for the Mk1 Front Indicator Lens & Body after a request from a customer...



All caught up now with the holiday back log. Thanks for your understanding :-)

Coming soon...



So we are away for our summer hollybobs, back on 29th June. Arrivederci :-)



Have added a number of items to our inventory today....

Lower Petrol Tank Clip Set


Headlight Adjusting Kit

Front Ash Tray Retaining Plates



Have add the Mk1 Escort Bonnet Release Cable Spring Clamp Retaining Bolt today..



Mk2 Escort Anti Roll Bar Bolts now in stock...


We have just added Rear Ash Tray Retaining Plates to our inventory and they are spot on....



So we are all now caught up with the Crimbo orders (thank you for those) and a Happy New Year to you all.



I'd just like to wish all our lovely customers all around the world a very merry Christmas. We are closing up on the 24th. We will re-open in the New Year, 2nd of January, my birthday no less!

It's been another good year, our 12th would you believe? Here's to you, customers! Thank you



Sorry not to have updated much recently, we have been working on a new website. A couple of new items added today, after a customer got in touch needing them.

Anti Roll Bar Support Bracket Bolts & BDA Engine Mount Bolts (Alloy Block):



So we are now bang upto date with all orders after our holiday. Thank you for your patience and continued support.



To give you a little bit of a warning.....We will be closed for a week commencing next Tuesday 26th and back to work on the 4th July.



We have three new items after a couple of requests from customers. The Mk1 Rear Cluster Outer Seals are now availible on their own. And for the Mk2 we have the Heater Control Panel Fixing Screws and the Rear Light Bolt Caps...



RS2000 Foil inserts back in stock....



So thanks to Juliet Gold for sending in an original Square Headlight seal for us to get remade.....



So we have some lovely headlinings in stock. These are made by an independent trimmer with over 15 years experience. Don't confuse these with others available in the market at the moment. I've been told by customers that these are night & day compared to those. Available for the Mk1 in Moonstone Putty & Moonstone Black and for the Mk2 in Moonstone Black....



Mk2 Escort Boot Badge Clips added to our inventory today...



Added a couple of new items today....Brake Drum Screws & K Type Clips



So some sunny pictures of a pretty hot car. Thank you Juliet for your custom and for the piccies....



Happy New Year People. So we are all caught up after the Crimbo break. More new items coming soon.....



I'd just like to wish all our lovely customers all around the world a very merry Christmas. We are closing up early this year with last orders going out on Wednesday the 20th. We will re-open in the Crimbo Limbo, probably the 28th.



Rear Armrest Securing Nuts and Washers added to our Nuts, Bolts & Screws Section today....



Our Rear Cluster Seals Sets are back in stock....



After a request from a customer, we now have Lower Steering Column To Bulkhead Bolts availible in our Nuts, Bolts & Screws Section...



Heater Plate & Cowl Assembly Screws added to our inventory today..



Headlight Lens Trim Screws are now in stock..



Added Rear Axle Back Plate Bolts to our Nuts & Bolts Section today.



After being made obsolete last year, Fuel Line Clips have been reprieved and are back in stock..



So we are now all caught up with the orders that came in over the summer break. Thank you very much for you patience, I appreciate it.



We are now closed for the summer break. Orders will still be accepted but will not be processed until our return to work on the 28th August.



So to give you fair warning we will be shutting the office down for the two week summer break in August. This will be from close of business 11th August and we will re-open on the 28th of August. Orders received before 14:00 on the 11th will be processed that day. For all orders after this time we will begin to process them on the 28th of August.



Mk2 Escort C Pillar Vent Fixing Set added to our inventory today...





So Mexico Foil Inserts & Heater Matrix Plate Seals are back in stock.

We have also added Early Type Door Handle Seals to our Seals Section today...


I'll let the photos do the talking...



Remember Martti's Mex? Well, you will be very impressed with the latest piccies. The bumpers are being re-chromed in Germany, alloy wheels coming from England and Martti starts the engine next. Can't wait to see those piccies!


Mk2 Heater Box Seals now in stock...




We now have Mk1 Carpet Trim / Sill Trim Screws in Stainless Steel in stock


We have today taken delivery of the new Mk2 Escort Bonnet Rubbers and they are rather nice, even if I do say so myself!



Coming soon, Mk2 Escort Bonnet Rubbers (Side)




Wishing all our friends & customers a very merry Christmas & a prosperous new year. Many thanks for all your continued custom & support.


Coming soon, Mk2 Escort Bonnet Rubbers (Side)



Mk1 Brake Felxi Hose To Inner Wing Nuts added to our inventory today....



So Martti's Mex gets its stripes and we have added Mk2 Bonnet Stay Clips to our inventory today..



Number Plate Light Bracket Screws added to our Nuts & Bolts Section today..



Remember Martti's Mex?




We have limited numbers of badge inserts available...RS2000, Mexico, Twin Cam & RS1600. Get them whilst you can. Still no 1600GT yet though, Soz :-(



Non Adhesive Loom Tape now back in stock. Available in Grey & Black..



Mk2 Grille Clips now availible on their own..



After a request from a customer, we now have the Rear Cluster Fixing Nuts available on their own.



Rear Cluster Seal Sets back in stock.



Thoughts and prayers going out to all our friends and customers in Italy x



Mk2 Escort Bonnet Bumper Set added today...


Back from holidays (lovely thankyou) caught up to orders up to yesterday mornings so we should be fully up to date come end of business tomorrow. Thankyou for your patience.


We are now closed for the summer break. Orders will still be accepted but will not be processed until the week commencing 15/08/2016




So to give you fair warning we will be shutting the office down for the two week summer break at the end of this week. This will be from close of business 29th July and we will re-open on the 15th of August. Orders received before 14:00 on the 29th will be processed that day. For all orders after this time we will begin to process them on the 15th of August.



Chris Magro has sent in a picture of his Maltese beast (and what a looker she is).


Mk2 Escort Bonnet Safety Catch Screw Set added today...


Mk1 & 2 Escort Boot Floor Grommets added today...


Mk1 Escort Anti Roll Bar Bolts added today...


Mk1 Escort Sun Visor Fixings added today...


Mk2 Escort Fuse Box Seal, Spacers & Stainless Screw Set added today...


So Bryns '72 Mexico has passed it's first MOT since restoration...Good Job!



Mk1 & Mk2 Escort Boot Seal added today...



Mk2 Escort Prop Shaft Bolts (Timken) added today...


Mk2 Escort Front Seat Back Frame Bolts & Front Seat Base Bolts added today...


All Mk1 Badge inserts back in stock. We also have 1300 inserts.



Mk1 Escort Window Winder / Door Release Mechanism Screws added today...


Mk1 Escort Handbrake Cover Screws added today...


Mk2 Escort Window Mechanism Screws added today...


Two new items added to our Mk2 Nuts, Bolts & Screw section today...

Window Winder Screws & External Door Handle Screws


Brand New! Mk1 Maniac Baseball Caps added to our Mk1 Goodies section today...



New Early Mk2 Heater Matrix Plate Seal added to our Mk2 Seals section today...



Getting very positive feedback on our new Mk2 Escort Rear Light Cluster Seals. "Perfect Fit" and "Quality, Well Made Item" among them! #chuffed



Wishing all our friends & customers a very merry Christmas & a prosperous new year. Many thanks for all your continued custom & support.



Mk2 Escort Rear Light Cluster Seals added today...



Coming Soon.....Mk2 Escort Rear Light Cluster Seals



What with Crimbo approaching I shall draw your attention to the Coffee Mugs we do. 3 drawing designs (Mexico, RS2000 & AVO Lights) and a custom design (your car on a cup!) as well. Show your missus as a subtle hint to your Christmas present! The perfect garage / man cave gift!



Mexico Front Seat Pad Screws added today...


Rear Spring Hanger Access Grommets added today...


Mk2 Parts Manual now avaliable...


Bonnet Release Cables now in stock...


Mk2 Instrument Cluster Cowling Screws added today...


After much searching we have managed to source the Door Handle / Arm Rest Screws in Stainless Steel....



A rake of new Mk2 items added to our inventory today:

     Hand Brake Lever Bolts

     Indicator / Lights & Wiper Stalk Bolt Set

     Pedal Box Bolts

     Steering Column to Bulkhead Bolts

     Steering Column Coupling Bolts

     Steering Column Bracket Nuts



So our Mk2 Inventory is getting larger....I've made the decision to retire the Events section and compile a Mk2 drop down menu from it. Instead of trying to do it all in one go and mess up the whole site, this will happen gradually over the coming weeks...



As mentioned earlier...Early Type Bonnet Bumper Rubbers now in stock.....




Steering Column Coupling Bolts now added to our Nuts, Bolts & Screws section..



Coming soon....Early Type Bonnet Bumper Rubbers....



As promised, Door Lock Knob Grommets now in stock...



Coming very soon....Door Lock Knob Grommets! Oh yeah ,)



Front Indicator Securing Nuts added to our Nuts, Bolts & Screws section today..


Pre-Orders all bagged up and van loaded ready for Classic Ford @ Santa Pod on the morrow!



Twin Cam inserts back in stock



Mk2 Escort Instrument Cluster Screws added to our Nuts, Bolts & Screws section today.



With regret I have decided not to attend Sundays Ford Day at Aylesford Priory.  I've hurt my leg and it needs rest. I will contact those who have pre-ordered anything and promise to deliver it for free.



Martti from Finland has bought some bits recently and sent me a picture of his Mexico project. I've offered to put up a gallery so we can see the progress of this resoration. It looks like a big job but Martti is determined to drive this car one day. Good on him I say!



The stock take was horrendous and the catch up even worse but we are now back upto date and shipping all orders. Thank you for your patience.



We are closed for a week, stock taking. When we re-open on the 2nd March all orders will be accompanied with a VAT Invoice. Our prices listed will INCLUDE VAT.



We now have Boot Lid Chrome Trim Clips available in our Clips & Grommets Section



Floor Pan Grommets added to our inventory today..



Door Lock Seals added to our Seals section today.


Wising all our customers & friends all over the world a Happy New Year! We can look forward to more new parts with floor grommets on the way and early type bonnet bumper rubbers after that. We have now got door lock seals in stock and they will be ready to go on Friday.




This is the last day to get any bits at the old prices. As from the 1st of January 2015 our prices come into line with our Feebay prices. Like I said earlier, we haven't put our prices up in over 5 years and yet most of our suppliers do every year!



Wishing all our friends & customers a very merry Christmas & a prosperous new year. Many thanks for all your continued custom & support.




Floor grommets....coming soon



Due to suppliers increasing their prices, year on year, I will have to increase mine as of January 1st 2015. I'm sorry to do it but I've not put my prices up for over 5 years. Alas I can no longer continue to take the hit from suppliers.

So get your orders in before the new year and save a few quid!



So we met Victor, "Rockface" & "Big Hair" at Classic Ford Santa Pod this year. They asked me to sell them some drugs... here is the result...




15/11/2014 Boot Lock Seals are now availible in our Seals section.

21/10/2014 Bonnet Rubbers have arrived today, and they are rather good!


17/10/2014 We now have Polished Stainless Steel Quarter Bumper & Rear Bumper bolts back in stock. As are Stainless Wiper Blades and for a limited time only Mexico Badge inserts.


18/09/2014 Mk2 Dished Steering Wheel To Boss Screws added to our inventory today. Thanks to Alan Bradshaw for the piccies.


12/09/2014 We have added Mk2 Front Indicator Bolts in stainless steel to our Nuts & Bolts section today..


09/09/2014 As promised....



Coming soon, Mk2 Fuse Box Spacers.



I have added the Rear View Mirror Rubber / Buffer to our inventory today. Check it out in our Goodies section.



A panoramic veiw of the stall on Sunday.



Some very cool dudes from Finland dropped by our stand on Sunday. They were making a movie and asked me to be in it! (No, I was not the washing machine repair man). What a crazy day. Sorry that some customers had to que to get in and then to get their bits from us. Thanks to my mate Dan for his help.



All packed up ready for the Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod. Pre-orders are boxed & bagged. Be good to see you there, come over & say hello.



Rear Cluster Seals back in stock.



We have now fully migrated over to our new hosts and there is a noticeable difference with speed. I'm confident the reliability will be better as well. Big thanks to Mr. Charlie Allgrove (Abstract Development) for helping with the back office (cheese on the way).



So we are moving the website over the course of the next 48 hours. You may experience some funky happenings whilst we do. Stick with us though, as we are going to a much better provider!


After a request from Umberto in Italy we are now stocking the Bonnet Release Cable Clip in our Clips & Grommets Sezione (Section!).



Apologies to customers trying to use the shopping cart, it would appear my hosting company does not work on problems over the weekend. I will be looking at moving service providers in the week.



After a bit of a rainy start, Kents All Ford Day at Aylesford Priory turned into a lovely day. Mick Speller has finished his Mexico and brought it along to say hello. His son Jamie took this picture for us (assisted by sister, Jasmine) to see. Looking good Mick!



We now have the Mk2 Engine Bay loom Clips with the Ford Logo in Black.


Have added Mk1 Glove Box Screws to our Nuts, Bolts & Screws inventory today.



Theres an update on the Bo Emanuelsson Race Car Discovery:


Fuel Filler Necks back in stock.



We now have light grey engine bay loom clips with the Ford logo in stock. Pack of eight for only £5.99 in our Clips & Grommets Section.



So I get free land line calls to New Zealand. If you would like me to call you to talk about our parts please email me your phone number (Landlines Only). I promise not to share your phone number with anyone else and will call between 20:30 - 21:30

Send it to billy@escortrs.co.uk



Check this puppy (Hector) out! Pete is looking for 2 RS500 wheels for his dry tyres. Drop me a line if you can help.



So I'm coming to Malta for a week on the 25th Jan. Free personal deliveries (To St Pauls Bay) on orders over £50.00 (70). Email me with your requiremnts: billy@escortrs.co.uk





First new item this year is the Hand Brake Cable Retaining Clip. Check it out in our Clips & Grommets Section.




Wishing all our friends & customers a very merry Christmas & a prosperous new year. Many thanks for all your continued custom & support.




What with Crimbo approaching I shall draw your attention to the Coffee Mugs we do. 3 drawing designs (Mexico, RS2000 & AVO Lights) and a custom design (your car on a cup!) as well. Show your missus as a subtle hint to your Christmas present! The perfect garage / man cave gift!



New Gallery Added......The Freston Ford Fraternity!



Rear Cluster Seals back in stock.


Have added Dash Top Cowling Nuts to the Nuts & Bolts Section toady.



So I've got a "New Old Stock" UniPart Silver Seal Mk1 Escort Gear Box for Sale. Suitable for the 1100 & 1300 (Non GT). £75.00


I've today added the pesky little screws that hold the Bonnet Safety Catch on!


James Jordans Gallery has now been uploaded. Check it out!



So here is a Hum Dinger! James Jordan re-discovers Bo "Emma" Emanuelssons Timex Twin Cam in America !! Extensive gallery to follow soon.



Apologies to customers who have been trying to get in touch. The transfer of my telephone number has now been completed. 01473-313000 is the office number again! Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Billy.



Over the next 10-14 days I will be moving my phone number to a new service provider. They say the number may go down for a few days. I have a temporary number of 01473-356350 and you can always reach me on my mobile which is 0797 66 02 999. When the transfer is complete I will be able to call 42 countries around the world as part of my call plan. I will try and setup some type of form so you can lodge your landline number with me and I can call you back!



All packed up ready for Ford Fair at Silverstone tomorrow. Europe's BIGGEST FORD FESTIVAL. Come over and say hello!



I have today added Mk2 Escort Front bumper spacers to our inventory. Mk2 Escort Rear bumper spacers also availible.

Piccie of me in the late Sir Henry Coopers former BMW E28 M5 (which is for sale).



Fuel Filler Necks back in stock.


Have added some Mk2 bolts to the Nuts, Bolts& Screws Section. They include Bonnet, Boot, Boot Lock & Stone Deflector Bolts. All Stainless Steel.




So the van is all loaded up and all pre-orders bagged/boxed ready for the AVO National Day tomorrow at Hatton Country Park. Let's hope for some more of this lovely weather!



Here's a picture of our stall just before the pandemonium started! What a blinding day all round, good weather, good spirits and a well busy 12 hours on site for us. Thank you everyone for your custom & support.



All packed up and ready for Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod Raceway. See you there peoples.




So I've got two tickets for the Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod to give away in a competition. It's on the 2nd of June and is a huge show. All customers who spend £50.00 or more on this website within the next 5 days will be entered in a draw which will take place on 29th May. You get free P&P on orders over £50.00 and the tickets are worth £16.00 each. So quite a saving could be had. Open to UK residents only I'm afraid because of the time needed to post tickets.




Rear Cluster Seal Sets are back in stock (now with stainless steel screws). Check them out in the Seals Section.



Peter Meganck in Belgium has sent in some lovely pictures of his completed Bubble Arched Babe, check them out in our Customer Car Gallery:



All packed up for the Simply Ford Day at Beaulieu. Pre-orders all ready to collect. Hope to see your there tomorrow in the great british sunshine!



Rear cluster Studs & Special Nuts Back in stock. Fuel filler necks out of stock :-(


Simply Ford Day at Beaulieu is our second confirmed show for this year. Occuring Sunday 5th May.



All packed up and ready to roll to the Kents All Ford Day tomorrow. Pre-Orders all ready. Come over say hello!



Kents All Ford Day on the 14th April will be the fisrt show we are attending this year. Let's hope the weather improves just a little!  Let me know of your requirements so I can get any pre-orders together.



So Dave Pitchley or "Pitch" as he is known to friends has sent in a brilliant drawing that he has done of his RS2000. I've added it to his gallery.



I'm thinking of adding two dates to our events calendar this year since Battlesbridge clashes with Ford Fair (11th Aug). The All Ford Day in Kent (14th April) & Simply Ford Day at Beaulieu (5th May). I'll have more info in the coming week.



Mk2 Escort Front Indicator Lens Screws in Stainless Steel with Rubber Washers added to our inventory today.


Custom coffee cups now availible and printed in house! Perfect for your workshop / garage / man cave.

I've also made it easier to order the design you would like.



We have made it easier for you to order the AVO Parts Manual CD-ROM in your preferred language (English, Spanish, German or French).


So I've removed the Boot & Wing Badges as they are no longer being made. But you can still get the printed foil inserts for them here. Also removed are the sill step decals as my supplier will not manufacture them any more :-(


Dale Botha in South Africa sent in this pic of his CLEAN M1k. Look at that sunshine an all. Well Jell !


So, I've not been in the office today because of the snow. But I haven't been idle. The website now displays a readable font on IOS devices such as iPads & iPhones. I'll RSS this but maybe you could pass the word around. Ta.



Some new items listed this weekend include:

     Mk2 Escort Rear Bumper Spacers

     Mk1 Escort Window Chrome Clips

     Mk1 Escort Rear Shock Top Nuts

     Mk2 Escort Front Wing Fixing Bolts



Happy New Year to all our customers



A very Merry Christmas to all our customers and visitors across the globe!



Would you like to see more of this....

I thought so :-)


Some of you may have noticed the moustache on this months price list, this is to support Movember. A charitable growing of moustaches. Please click and dontate if you can, even small amounts will help. Click the link or picture below:


Differential Locking Nuts added to the nuts & bolts section. They are the proper "Philidas" type locking nuts as per original.


After much success at the AVO National Day, Mk1 Escort Coffee Cups now availible online:


So I've added Petrol Tank Braket Bolts to the Nuts, Bolts & Screws Section.



All packed up & ready for the re-scheduled AVO National Day. The forecast is good....hope to see you there.


I have a pair of genuine Lucas New Old Stock Mk1 Escort Works Front Indicators for sale. I would like £45.00 for them (+P&P). Give me a ring at the office if you are interested (Mon-Fri).


For you Mk2 Escort owners out there I have availible the rear light / cluster bolt fixing set. The most comprehensive set there is. All stainless/aluminium. Check it out by clicking the photo below:


1300GT Under Bonnet Decal Sets back in stock, now availible in UK & EU versions..



All pre-orders are packed up ready for Ford Fair tomorrow and few new items are being taken along. Pop over and say hi.


So I've added a Live Bookmark / News feed feature which will make checking for site updates easier for you.

I've designed it with Firefox in mind but it works with internet explorer. I does not seem to work with Chrome but I'm not going to sweat that.

You will see in the Contact us section a new RSS Icon (  ), click on it to subscribe.



Due to the price increases brought in by Royal Mail, I've had to amend mine accordingly. They are as follows:

 Price Point

 Domestic (UK)


 World Wide

















 £50.01 or over






Gavin Burns has sent in some piccies of his finished Mexico. Well worth a look, good job Gavin...tidy:



AVO National Day has been re-scheduled for Sunday 9th Spetember:


So Chris Haley has been in touch & asked me to mention that his Mexico that features in the buyers guide is for sale. The car was fully restored 12 years ago and has covered only 3,000 miles since. She is as sweet as the photo suggests. With a type 9 5 speed box coupled to a 3:54 diff. Re-shelled to full AVO specification the logbook has it as a Mexico. 1972 so tax exempt. Recaro roll top seats with half roll cage. It came fourth in Mexico class AVO Day 2004. Cable clutch & will have 12 months MOT. All that for £10,000 Call Chris who's near Scarborough on 07973-******


Some new items added today...Door Check Clevis Pins, Reverse Light Lens Screws & a Bulb & Fuse Set:



I've just been informed (13:43) by Tim Sawyer that the AVO National Day has been CANCELLED due to the weather. They will try to organise another one later on in the year. I will organise delivery of any pre orders during the week fellas.


I have added the Full Mk1 Escort Works Front Indicator Seal Set to the Seals section and they are perfect!



All pre-orders are packed up ready for the Cassic Ford Show at Santa Pod this Sunday. Looks like the weather is going to be glorious! Come & say hello.


Reverse Light Seal is now availible in our Seals Section. Click the piccie below to veiw:



The server is all fixed and we are back up & running. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Unfortunately we are still having problems with our new server and are unable to transact any purchases at the moment. Rest assured, any purchases made before today have been processed and we are working hard to resolve the issues we are having.




Migration to new server now complete, what a headache that was! New items coming soon you Mk1 lovers.



So the website may be down for a while as we migrate to a new server. You can still call me to place any orders you may have.



Coming soon.... the much asked for Reverse Light Seal.



So there's a fault with my telephone line, it's always giving the engaged tone. Engineers are looking at it this morning. You can still reach me on my mobile.



For some unkown reason YAHOO are bouncing any emails I send to my customers with Yahoo email. I'm not ignoring you, but getting through to an actual person at Yahoo is neigh on impossible.

I have added Anti Roll Bar Castle Nuts to the Nuts & Bolts section. Also in the final phase of tooling are the reverse light seals...


At long last we have the Front Seat Bolt Set availible. It's all stainless steel & reday to ship. They can be found in our Nuts & Bolts section or simply click the piccie below:



Happy new year to all our customers & visitors all over the world. We have an exciting year coming up with some well needed new items imminent. Inner wing rubbers & reverse light to bodywork seals to name just two. Also expect a rake of new Stainless Steel bolts, especially those for the seats :-)


Ive also added the dates for the shows I'll be attending this year. These can be found by clicking the Events 2012 link above or for those who don't understand a word I'm saying (because you don't speak English) the table below shows the dates.


AVO National Day ~ Stanford Hall ~ TBC~
Ford Fair ~ Silverstone ~ 12th August ~
All Ford Day ~ Battlesbridge ~ 19th August ~


I'd like to thank my customers from far & wide for their custom this past year and I wish all visitors a merry Christmas & happy new year.


I have just added the Bonnet Bumpers to the Goodies section. Beautifully crafted rubbers on an all stainless steel fixing set. Really nice. Take a look by clicking on the piccie below:


We are now accepting PayPal payments directly from our shopping cart.



Coming very soon after many requests from customers....Bonnet Bumper Rubber Set. Lovely quality rubber with all stainless steel bolt, nut, flat washer & spring washer.


Bulkhead Bonnet Rubber & clip is now in stock and ready to ship. The best quality reproduction you are likely to see. It can be found in the Goodies section or just click the picture below.


Added a large gallery for Duane Gatlands RS 2000 restoration. Well worth a look:


Coming soon! Bulkhead Bonnet Rubber


I have added a few new items this week...I've been asked quite often for the studs that hold the rear lights in place. These are now availible in the Nuts & Bolts Section. Many Mk2 owners have been after the clips that hold the side chrome on, these can now be found in our Clips & Grommets Section. Have also added some love to the boot lights, check out the clickable piccies below. Also I have managed to source the half nuts that hold the reverse lights on. All set for Ford Fair at Silverstone on Sunday, all pre-orders are ready. Let's hope the weather is kinder to us than it was last year (we got a biblical downpour as we packed away!)




There has been a mix-up in the packaging department! Steering Rack Bolts & Engine Mount Bolts have been mixed together. If you have bought either of these over the past couple of months please get in touch and I will replace them for you.



Thoughts and prayers for our many friends & customers in Norway.


Stephen Tilburn, a customer in Norfolk has finished his restoration & was kind enough to send in some piccies for us to feast on!

Click on the picture below to visit his Gallery.


Just loading the van for AVO Owners Club National Day at Stanford Hall. Pre-Orders all boxed/bagged up ready for collection. Let's hope for a sunny day!


All pre-orders are filled and the vans loaded for :

See you there!



Have today received the new Fuel Filler Hose Clamps that fit perfectly & look the part, added the to the Clips & Grommets section. Coming soon..... standard front bumper spacers & radiator clip set.


More petrol tank stuff now available, I've added the Fuel Filler Neck Screws to the Nuts, Bolts & Screws Section. Also added the very long Rear Support Bracket Bolts for the Mk1 RS2000 only.


Some new parts added today. Been faffing about with the petrol tank so we have a couple of new things there, including a new fuel filler neck hose added to the Goodies section & some chassis rail clips to the Clips & Grommets section.  Also sourced some stainless steel bolts for the exhaust hanger.  Click on the piccies below to veiw.  More new parts to follow shortly.


I have a raft of new items coming online soon. Some bolts, screws & grommets (Floorpan) being made. More soon.



Two new customer galleries added today. From Jamaica to Malaysia, Mk1 Escorts get about.

We have Hans Heusinkvelds Mexico in Jamaica & Azwans Escort in Malaysia




Thoughts and prayers with our Australian friends & customers.


Happy new year one and all, as you can see the snow has cleared :-)


Merry Christmas everybody and thank you for your custom this past year. I will over the holiday change the format and menu layout of escortrs.co.uk. You will still be able to order directly off the page whilst I muck about. Meanwhile here is a nice pic of George Conditsis' Mk1 beauty. More pics availible in his gallery.


Kevin Sutherland from Australia has sent in a couple of piccies of his WIP, looking good Kevin:


All packed up for the RS Owners Club National Day at Standford Hall. Hope to see you there (you can admire my new Marquee, that's if it doesn't get blowd away!)



Just getting ready for the Classic Ford Car Show at Battlesbridge this Sunday. It's only a fiver to get in. I will be taking along lots of engine / Mechanical items including:

205 & 207 Blocks

Pinto & Crossflow Heads

Steering Racks

Gear Boxes (Mex & 105e's)

Propshafts (can't fit them in the van!)

Cross Members

Various Panels

As well as all the new stuff availible on this site, hope to see you there!



All pre-orders are packed up and ready to go to:


Some stunning pictures sent in this morning of a STONKING RS, thanks for the piccies George


Hose Clip Sets are back in stock after much ado about nothing


Neil Cooper has sent in some piccies of his finished Mexico, click the image below to see his gallery:



I have added an Instrument Cluster Clip & Screw Set to the Clips & Grommets section, click the piccie below to view:


Bullet Racing Mirrors are now back in stock, check them out here



Wiper Arms & Blades are back in stock.

The AVO National day was a blinder, a lot of gorgeous motors and some stiff competition for the show cars.


All Pre-orders have been packed up and will be ready to collect tomorrow at the Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod Raceway.

See you there!



I have added a rake of bulbs to the Electrical section



Have added a stone deflector nut & bolt set to the Nuts, Bolts & Screws section




The Bury Retro Ford Car Club held a club day last month and raised an impressive £1000.00 for charity. £500.00 for the Bury MS Society & £500.00 for the St Nicholas Hospice. Well done fellas and thanks for a great day!



Have added a new set of Mk2 Escort Dashboard Captive Nuts to the Clips & Grommets seciton, click the piccie below to veiw:


I have added a Switch Panel Clip Set to the Clips & Grommets section, click the piccie below to veiw:


Some visitors have been having trouble using our online ordering facility, we have now fixed this and apologize to you if you have had difficulties

Good luck to Franck this weekend who is attending the Classic Days Show at Magny-Cours. A Passionate Anglo/French car enthusiast will be bringing all the items availible on this site to French Escort fans, bonne chance Franck!



Have added some more piccies to Kevin Darnells Gallery now he has added front spots


The vans all loaded for the The Malvern Classic & Performance Ford Show & Jumble

Which is being held at:

The Malvern Showground Worcestershire WR13 6NW

Hanley Road entrance


Have added the Heated Rear Window Earth to the Electrical section


Kevin Darnell has sent in some lully pics of his georgeous 1300 Sport, click the piccie below to see them all


I have added 6 new wiring diagrams for the MK1 Escort, models include: GT, Super & De Luxe.  There are Pre & Post October 1969 versions

Have also added new Wiper Spindle Circlips to the Clips & Grommets Section



Some new clips added to the Clips & Grommets Section


Ok people, the website is now fully functional. Sorry for the delays but hey, it is what it is :-)


Looks like the online payments system should be live on Monday. So if you try to buy it will be in the test environment.


Welcome to the new website layout. The online payments is not live at the moment but will be in the next couple of days.


Lets start the new year off with a couple of stunners:

Russ Pemberton has finished his big wing. Plenty of Red Bull huh Russ? :-)

Kim Roberts mex next. Thanks for yor help at the shows Kim, I'd have died of thirst without ya!

I reckon a gallery should be on the cards buddy once you have photgraphed the engine bay.


I will be at the 2nd Malvern  Classic & Performance Ford Show & Jumble this Sunday 6th December.

Click the picture below for details:  




Another new and rare to find clip for the front grille added to our inventory. 

Also a clip set for the heater box is now available.


I have some new and hard to find items available soon.  We will also be adding a shopping basket facility

in the very near future so all you Escort owners in the far flung corners of the world will be able to get

your parts straight off the page.

I have added a new clip, the rear brake cylinder retaining clips.  Click on the image below to view:



Classic before and after shots from Stefan Giuliani in Belgium.  Good Job Stefan!


John Byrne has sent in a piccie of his finished RS1600 which can be seen previously in the splash archive.



I will have a trade stand at the Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod Raceway this Sunday, come along and say hello!



Check this baby out...Wille  she 's GORGEOUS!



I have added a full selection of quality wing and boot badges to the decals section in new parts.



If "Chicco" was to bleed, it would be pure Escort.  A few pictures here of his cars, past & present from Luxembourg:


John Byrne has sent in a picture of his beautiful RS 1600.  It's the one and only new RS 1600 imported into Ireland at the time.  Note the registration number 1601 which is the homologation CC of the BDA.  It's been stored for the last 30 years having last driven in 1978!  The engine sounds a bit special too: New build dry sump cozzie BDB rated at 220BHP @ 9000rpm YIKES!



Another surprising location for the trusty Escort.  Trinidad & Tobago no less!  Naaren Bhagoo has sent in these

piccies after ordering some items for her.  Lookin good Naaren:  



A very merry Christmas to all my customers all over the world and a happy & healthy new year to you all



George Bryson competed in the RAC  Rally recently and came 1st in class & 22nd overall. 

Well done George! 

A couple of piccies of him in action:



George Bryson has kindly sent in some pictures of his stunning rally prepped Twin Cam which he will be Racing.....yes RACING in the Roger Albert Clark Rally 14th-17th November.  Good luck George!


I will be attending the Ford Fair on Sunday 3rd August. 

If you would like to pre-order any parts, please call to avoid disappointment as things sell real quick at this event.

Tom østhagen from Norway patronised my stall at the Classic Ford Show at Santa Pod last month and was kind enough to send me some pictures of his Mexico Zetec project.  Looking good Tom!

Another show this Sunday, come along and say hello



The first car I ever featured on this site was Chris Alisons Mexico WIP

Well here she is all dressed up and lookin good Chris!


Another Antipodean beauty here.  Peter Hackney sent in these pics of Betty, his bog stock 1300, 3 speed auto.  Peter is only the second owner, good find there geeze, she is lully!


Anthony Holden has sent me a disc from Australia full of pictures of the Victoria RS day.  Those boys know a nice car, click on the image below to see all the lully pictures:


I will be at the Ford Enthusiasts Show and Spares Day this Sunday

Come along and say hello, I will be on stand 17C


Some lully shots of Andrew Quinneys RS 2000.  The shot of her in the cars are the stars gallery was taken on Skye during a holiday.  Andrew uses his car often and it's great to see.  Nice to hear from you Andrew.



A real beauty from Norway.  Henning, she's GORGEOUS!



Another shot of Orcuns Mex



It never ceases to surprise me where MK1 Escorts turn up.  I sent a steering wheel Emblem to a guy just outside San Francisco, and I asked him what car he had.  He said it was for his fathers MK1 RS 2000 in the PHILIPPINES! 

So have you got a MK1 in a far flung place?  Send me pictures and see it here!

I might start a Google map thingy that shows the customers I have around the globe.  But don't hold your breath!

A Gorgeous Mexico from Turkey now.  Orcun has bought some Bullet mirrors and will be fitting them soon.



Paul Brown has sent in these pics of his very honest 4 door 1300GT.

He has worn valve/inlets seats and was wondering where he could get them fixed? 

Any suggestions kindly received and will be passed on to Paul



I'd like to thank all my customers from all over the world for your support of this website.  Lets all get jiggy in the garage and finish those odd jobs we have been putting off.  I, for one will be spending more time in the workshop getting my car fitted up so I can drive her in the summer.  Happy new year to you all,  Billy.



Have added some new decals & stickers to the new parts section



It never ceases to amaze me where our cars turn up. 

Azwan's Escort in MALAYSIA features below.  Check out that view!



Vince Kearney sent in some lully pics of his MK1 Rally Replica



Dominic Bell has sent these nice pictures in from Northern Ireland:



Pukka looking RS 2000 Steve, the bolts you need should be with me tomorrow.



A lully looking W.I.P. from New Zealand, thanks for the piccies Bryan.

He is going to 5 link the back, Quafe LSD (yum)



Have added some more bolts & screws. 

Also available now are Spare Wheel Brackets



Added some more nuts, bolts & screws to the inventory with more coming soon. The roll over jig is progressing well, I will be testing it probably next week.

Some nice shots of a straight MK1 from David Harding:



I have some new clips and stuff available so have a quick look under the new parts section. 

A very straight MK1 from Holland now, Roy has bought a few bits from me and was

kind enough to supply these pictures.  It's the first I've seen of a twin exhaust and looks

pretty cool.  130 BHP 1.8 Zetec engined. 

Bet it sounds good to:




I forgot to post these pictures from Stevie Walker, lookin good stevie.

How PHAT are those tyres



Here we have the '74 1300L of Nuno Andrade from the sunny climes of Portugal

Looks like a bit of work required but I can't see much rust so should be a relatively

easy resto (hark at me!).  Thanks for the pictures Nuno, keep us informed of

your progress and feel free to email any questions.



Stephen Spencer's tasty motor....Good work

Just look at that engine....waiting.......



Here's an Antipodean beauty! '72 Twin Cam belonging to Jerry Nunn

Is it me or is it Portofino Red? 

It was me.... Jerry tells me the red is Vermillion Fire!  GGGRrrrr


Do you want your car to have historic status even though it's post 1972?

Well, here is a link to another government petition requesting exactly that.

Please sign it, you never know it may go ballistic like the road pricing one and we get what WE want!




This is Peter Elliot's sweet looking custom fabricated manifold, DANG....looks good!



Hey Lar, Hay Lar my babies back!



As promised here are some pictures of Eric's Australian Beauty:

With a full MK2 dash                     


With a MK2 tank up its "arse"

It would be interesting to see a picture of inside the boot

Looking Good Eric, sits very well doesn't she


30th Jan '07

I will be archiving the customers cars featured on the splash screen so that it loads up a bit quicker.  I've got some interesting Australian cars coming up.  One has a MK2 dash with the petrol tank slung under the boot! She looks good for it though!  Stay tuned.


22nd Jan '07

I'm off to Ireland for a few days to collect a car.  I will be back by Saturday I hope.


18th Jan '07

I have started adding active buying links to the new parts section.  I am using Paypal, but you don't need a Paypal account to purchase.  It's quick and it's secure.  Have a look!

Here we have a lully looking mex.  One of my first overseas customers was Knut Iverson from the north of Norway.  They are dead serious about our cars over there as this picture will surely testify.  Knut has asked me to acknowledge ALIMAX MOTORSPORT for the production and design of this babe:

The rubber on those FAT rims!  Ooohhhhh, suits you!

Well, the party season is over now till the summer so I will try and give the site a bit more of my time.

It's interesting to see how far flung our cars can be, I am going to be featuring these cars on this splash and the first to grace our page actually is not that far flung but has got to be the rustiest ever! (I know it's a MK2, but hey!) Chris said that there were still some good bits to be had from these 2 lust buckets

Is that a dead tiger in the foreground or some funky seat cover :)

Looks like the strut has popped through on this one and there aint even an engine in

there pushing down!

Thanks to Chris from Hampshire for sending in these photo's  Here's his WIP Mexico:


Looking nice Chris, keep up the good work buddy.  He is looking for a wiper arm wind deflector, so if you have one drop me a line and I'll pass on your details.