A buyers guide

RS 2000 1973-75

The RS 2000 was built out of demand for a higher specification vehicle than the Mexico, produced on the same production line as the Mexico at Aveley at Ford Motor Company's Advanced Vehicle Operations (AVO). 

The Higher specification changes included full custom cloth interior as standard, 2.0L pinto engine and a slightly higher road height. Original price for the Mk1 RS 2000 was £1230, incredible to think that today, almost 30 years after production stopped, good cars are changing hands for over £10,00.00 plus.


What to check for

  The RS 2000 model was slightly different to the Mexico with more strengthening around the inner wings, look under the front wheel arch and check the suspension turret, this should run the majority of the way down inside the inner wing. Also that top of the inner wing has a strengthening plate. However, the majority of AVO changes run through all models including the RS1600 and the Mexico


Check the rear of the vehicle under the boot floor, there should be approximately eight bolts visible, these were used to secure a stone deflector. All RS2000's were never fitted with the stone deflector, but retained the fixings. Also check the rear arches have been rolled, the fuel tank should be painted in primer, Fords never painted the fuel tanks in the RS range of vehicles, so they should be in grey primer



The shot above shows the securing bolts for the stone deflector, if the car you are viewing does not have these be careful. Unless it has been fitted with a new floor pan the car might not be what you expect.

While you are under the car, check the anti tramp bars, they are secured to the rear axle and run towards the front of the car.


If all this checks out OK, go to the engine bay, study the chassis plate and check this against the logbook. The first 4 digits should be BFAT followed by a series of numbers that determine the colour, transmission and other details. The chassis plate and AVO plate are positioned on the slam panel at the front of the vehicle 


Decipher AVO Plate


  Chassis plate on the left and the AVO (painted on purpose) to the right

Correct positioning of both plates above


The interior of the RS2000 will differ slightly from car to car, things such as centre consoles, head rests came as optional extras, the pictures below detail such differences, but are both genuine RS 2000's. I believe that the wood pack was an option on the RS range of vehicles, similar to the Mexico. Owners have changed there vehicles to suit over the years and these slight additions/improvements are down to personal preference.


This vehicle is fitted with wood trim and has the correct 3 spoke RS steering wheel



No wood pack fitted, but vehicle has centre console


Wheels also are of much debate, but be careful - there is only one type of MK1 RS alloy, that is below with the centre cap being located through the rear of the wheel and simply being held in position via the wheel being secured to the hub of the axle, Steel wheels were also an option.