Tax Disc Holders back in stock......

FROD Tax Disc Holder




Couple of new items following requests from customers....Carburettor Fixing Nuts & Striker Plate Rubber Screws...

Mk1 Escort Carb Nuts Drawing

Mk1 Escort Striker Plate Rubber Screws



Chris Spooner has sent in a piccie of his finished bubble arched babe.....

Mk1 Escort Bubble Arch



We have added both the Early & Late AVO plates to our Badges & Decals Section....

Mk1 Escort Early Type AVO Plate

Mk1 Escort Late Type AVO Plate




So we offer free uk delivery on orders over 50 quid

That's real free P&P, it's not hidden in the costs of the item unlike a well known tinternet auction site we once patronised

We also discount the same amount for our tinternational customer



Rest in peace Captain Sir Tom Moore...

RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore



After a customer request, we now stock the Brake Pressure Differential Valve Bolt.

The what now?

See below:

Brake Pressure Differential Valve Bolt Draw Close Up



HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and we are bang up to date with all Crimbo orders now sent out. Be interesting to see if Royal Mail has caught up with itself!





(Sticky) We operate a tiered P&P structure as laid out below:

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